About us


A manor house in Karwacz, a place where the past harmoniously blends a hug with the present …

The manor has regained its glory days and, to the delight of the local community, has been operating at a high level since 2018 as a place for family, friendly and business meetings. According to the Old Polish tradition, a road leads to the manor, decorated with a wall of sky-high lime trees, ash trees and acacia trees.

The Karwacz Manor has a magnetism that attracts picky gourmets, guests who like contact with nature and silence, and those who like to celebrate life with good music and a unique atmosphere. The owner and the staff dedicated to this place await guests with open arms. For good friends. Visit this place and you will always want to come back here.

Our rooms

We offer standard rooms, deluxe and comfort rooms. Each of them is equipped with comfortable large beds and a bathroom with a shower.

As hosts, we spare no effort to make every guest feel at ease and comfortable. We take care of every detail so that you can feel the wonderful atmosphere of The Karwacz Manor.

Dwór Karwacz mały pokój dwuosobowy łóżko podwójne

Single room

Dwór Karwacz duży pokój dwuosobowy łóżko podwójne

Small single room

Dwór Karwacz pokój z dwoma łóżkami pojedynczymi łóżko stolik krzesła

Large double room

Dwór Karwacz pokój dwuosobowy typu deluxe łóżko w szafie

Room with 2 single beds

Dwór Karwacz pokój trzyosobowy cały pokój

Deluxe double room

Dwór Karwacz pokój trzyosobowy komfort łóżka

Triple room

Dwór Karwacz duży pokój czteroosobowy łóżka dwuosobowe

Comfort triple room

Dwór Karwacz pokój jednoosobowy łóżko stolik krzesła

Four-person room



The Karwacz Manor restaurant is a guarantee of excellent traditional Polish cuisine with a modern twist. We have our own garden from which some of the products we use to prepare meals come from. The unique taste of the dishes served is emphasized by the tasteful decor of our restaurant.



The dream party

We organize occasional parties (family, friends, company etc.). The menu is arranged on the basis of the dishes we propose. Up to 100 people can play in the dance hall.

Dwór Karwacz wesele szpilki kwiaty
Dwór Karwacz wesele panna młoda podwórko
Dwór Karwacz wesele bukiet panna młoda
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